Up And About – 10 months onward

Practice coordinating & balance
Develop pincer grasp and hand strength
Explore pretend play with an adorable plushie
Improve visual tracking skills

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

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Artboard 4

Dumbbell Drop

An in-house design that teaches cause and effect and helps in visual tracking

Sensory Blocks

A set of large sized blocks to encourage palmar grasp and precision stacking. Sensory components in each block for added fun

Alligator Plushie

Adorable gender neutral toy to start the journey of pretend play

Parent Handbook

All the information you need backed by science

Single Piece Puzzle

Start developing fine motor and problem solving skills with a simple puzzle. The mirror base makes for better engagement

Plop and Learn Shape Sorter

An easy to hold shape sorter that enhances gross grasp and beading action. Added bonus of no -loss pieces

Baby’s First Book of Animal Sounds

Real animals in appropriate setting for babies to look at and mimic for speech development

Play plan + Toy cards

Sensory motor play plan for all domains of development Ideas on many ways to play


My baby and I loved the products and all the helpful information that came with the kit. As first time parents, the parent handbook answered a lot of our queries and the play plan was fun to do everyday.

Ruchika Arora

I bought the newborn kit for my baby and even after 4 months, my baby loves the toys. The various ways suggested to play with them in the toys cards make them even more engaging.

Shilpa S

Love the quality of the products. My baby really enjoys playing with the toys.

Tejasvi. P

The packaging and the colours are very pleasing. Unlike other toys, they are not too bright. The products are also light weight, making it easy for my baby to hold and play with them

Madhu Singh

I love all the additional information provided as it helps me as a first time parent relate better to things happening with my baby.

Shikha Vaid

The play guide gives very easy play ideas with everyday things. I was looking for a kit like this with everything provided in one place.

Surabhi Verma

Absolutely love the concept and execution. I don’t know whether I or my baby love it more.

Ananya Ghosh

The fact that the toys have rounded edges and no nails is very reassuring for me as a parent. My baby actually spends a long time playing with each toy

Ayushi Gupta

The parent handbook has many interesting articles that are informative too. Thank you Nintods !

Charu Sharma

I bought it as a new born gift for my niece and everyone loved the quality. Very well curated.

Tanushree Gandhi