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We consult with child development professionals from many backgrounds and fields of expertise.

All materials in our products are tested and comply with global toy safety standards. Our third-party lab tests include testing for each coating and material in our products for dangerous chemicals, heavy metals, and phthalates.

Our products are designed and expertly manufactured in India. We are proud to be 100% locally designed, sourced and produced. We are pleased to partner with companies that share our core values – commitment to ecologically-sustainable and ethical production and safe working conditions.

Play Kits are available in bundled formats only. We do not sell any Play Kit item on its own. We have crafted each kit to be developmentally appropriate for each age group and as a whole, each kit has even more value than the play aids do independently. We however do have range of free play toys that are sold independently.

The recommended Play Kit is based on your baby’s birth date and when they will grow into the next micro-stage of development. Every product and piece of information is based on published research in the field of child development and reviewed by child development specialists and doctors from multiple disciplines.

You may find it most relevant to use the baby’s due date/adjusted birth date, rather than birth date, to adjust the recommendation appropriately. For more specific guidance, please contact us.

While the play kits are designed for a specific micro-developmental period, your baby will likely enjoy them long after that period has passed. We see many cases of older siblings joining in on baby’s fun, too!

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